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Swallow’s Tail Mate

Swallow’s Tail Mate is a checkmate pattern that visually resembles the appearance of a swallow’s tail. It’s also known as Gueridon’s Checkmate. Its appearance it’s very similar to the Epaulette Mate.

Swallow’s Tail Mate Example 1

Swallow's Tail Mate Example #1

Diagram above: The Swallow’s Tail Mate is an example of a checkmate pattern that is named after its visual appearance. The two black pawns behind the king, which also prevents the king from escaping, visually resemble a “swallow’s tail”.

Swallow’s Tail Mate Example 2

The legendary Bobby Fischer won a game in a simultaneous exhibition event against Mike Mcdermott, New York, 1964, using this checkmate pattern:

Swallow's Tail Mate Example 2

Diagram above: Fischer played 1.Qg6+ with checkmate coming on the next move.

Black resigned after Fischer played 1.Qg6. The diagram below shows the two ways the game could end:

Dovetail Mate vs Swallow's Tail Mate
Dovetail Mate (diagram left) vs Swallow’s Tail Mate (diagram right).

Interesting Note on the Swallow’s Tail Mate

The Dovetail Mate, another checkmate pattern named after the visual appearance of a bird’s tail, is also known as Cozio’s Mate.