The quickest way to improve your chess is to train your tactics. This page serves as a great resource for your chess tactics training.

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CHESSFOX Tactics Trainer

All the tactics exercises in the CHESSFOX Tactics Trainer are hand-picked for their instructional value and with a strong focus on training patterns/motifs.

Furthermore, the solutions to the exercises are explained in simple, clear language so that you don’t have to face the frustration of not understanding the solution.

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Chess Tactics Course

The chess tactics course by CHESSFOX is a set of videos that helps you make an effective study of the most important chess tactic motifs.

The tactics course consists of 20 videos–packed with tactical puzzles and detailed explanations of the motifs (Total playing time: 1h36min).

Each video in the course will focus on a specific motif. You will learn how each motif works and will also improve your understanding of the tactical themes with puzzles ranging from easy to hard.

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Fundamentals of Chess Tactics

If you want to get better at tactics, you should start by studying the fundamentals of chess tactics. A good understanding of the fundamentals is a critically important step on the road to develop your tactical skill.

Tactical Motifs / Patterns / Themes

Chess Tactics Combinations

More Chess Tactics Training

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