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RailRoad Mate

Railroad Mate is an interesting checkmate method that demonstrates powerful coordination between a queen and rook. It’s a good idea to review the Triangle Mate and the Kill Box Mate as these two patterns work together to achieve the RailRoad Mate.

RailRoad Mate Example

Robert Durkin, a strong American chess player, used this checkmate pattern against his opponent (Bross), in 1958:

RailRoad Mate Example 1a

Diagram above: 1.Ra5+ resembles the Kill Box Mate pattern. However, the black king can still move, 1… Kg6

RailRoad Mate Example 1b

Diagram above: 2.Qf5+ This is the Triangle Mate pattern, except for the fact that the black king can still move, 2… Kg7.

Diagram above: 3.Rh7 is again the Kill Box Mate in action and forces the black king to move onto the side of the board, 3… Kg8.

Railroad Mate Example 1d

Diagram above: 4.Qf7# With the black king now trapped against the side of the board, it’s checkmate.