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Kill Box Mate

The Kill Box Mate is a checkmate pattern where a queen and rook work together to checkmate the enemy king. An important feature of this pattern is that the queen defends the rook whilst at the same time trapping the enemy king “in a box.”

Kill Box Mate Example 1

Kill Box Mate Example 1

Diagram above: 1.Rd8# is a simple demonstration of the Kill Box Mate. Note how the queen protects the rook whilst also containing the black king in a “box”.

Kill Box Mate Example 2

In the game Efim Geller vs Kogan, Odessa (Ukraine), 1946, Geller used the Kill Box Mate to finish off his opponent:

Kill Box Mate Example 2a

Diagram above: Geller played 1.Qc6+. This move forces the black king to go to a7 and at the same time the queen now supports a8. Checkmate is coming on the next move.

Diagram above: 2.Ra8# closes the box on black’s king.

Interesting Notes on the Kill Box Mate

The Kill Box Mate pattern is also used as an “ingredient” in another checkmate method–the RailRoad Mate.