How to Get Better at Chess Tactics

Did you know? Many chess players train their tactics by trying to solve hundreds of chess puzzles. This is not the best way to improve your tactical skills.

On this page you will find highly effective training tools and methods that will help you uncover your own hidden tactical brilliance!

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A Better Way to Train Chess Tactics

Solving chess tactics puzzles is actually very important BUT it is even more important to use the best approach:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of chess tactics.
  2. Use an effective tactics training method.

At the end of this lesson I will give you a few examples to demonstrate how you can get the most value from the time you spend solving tactical puzzles.

The Fundamentals of Chess Tactics

There are 4 fundamental building blocks of chess tactics. All tactical combinations consist of one or more of these building blocks. A good understanding of them is essential if you want to improve your tactical skill. They are:

  1. Targets
  2. Threats
  3. Captures
  4. Motifs

You can use them to create brilliant tactical combinations.

1. Targets

There can be no tactics without targets. In other words, if there aren’t any targets then you must either look for a way to create new targets, or else improve your position. Study the common targets that make tactics possible.

Tactics flow from a superior position.

2. Threats

and checks. Simple but very effective, even if obvious. If a move seems obvious, more often than not it’s the best move. Advice: Don’t try to outsmart obvious moves.

3. Captures

create new targets by changing (or removing) the roles of pieces.

4. Motifs (Tactical Themes or Patterns)

definition of motifs

The lists of tactics and checkmate patterns below are a great way to familiarize yourself with all the important tactical motifs and mating patterns. It’s important to study them because the vast majority of tactical combinations that occur in chess will be based on one or more of the patterns presented below.

How to Solve Chess Puzzles

The method you use to solve puzzles is an important part of your chess training. Think of your opponent’s options in the same way.


How to Improve Your Chess Visualization

Best ways to improve your chess visualization skill. Best chess visualization training.


Solve Chess Puzzles

Practice Blindfold Chess

How to Find Tactics in Your Games

How to find chess tactics in your games. Examine moves that smite. when to look for chess tactics. awareness. How to look for chess tactics in your games.

Advice – here it is:

! Keep track of the changing roles / consequences as a result of the last move.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Chess

Avoiding mistakes is even more important. One mistake can undo 40 good moves. In fact, your chess rating is not only an indication of your ability to find good moves. It’s just as much an indication of your ability to avoid mistakes.

Avoiding mistakes is a matter of training your mind to consider your opponent’s threats with the same interest as you would for your own moves.

  • Always be aware of your opponent’s threats and ideas
  • Study the common mistakes chess players make

Chess Tactics Course

The chess tactics course by CHESSFOX is a video course that helps you make an effective study of the most important chess tactic motifs.

The tactics course is packed with hand-selected sets of tactical puzzles and detailed explanations of the motifs (Total playing time: 1h36min, no fluff, just to the point instruction).

Each section in the video will focus on a specific motif. You will learn how each motif works and will also improve your understanding of the tactical themes with puzzles ranging from easy to hard.

Get it here: Chess Tactics Course: 20 Motifs (Video)

Chess Tactics Training Examples

go through example/s using the method is a great chess tactics server where you can practice to calculate chess tactics.

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