Tactical Patterns | Bundle Deal

  • The Complete Tactical Patterns Collection (22 Sets)
  • 540 Exercises in Total
  • File Format: PDF
  • Instant Download
  • Price: $75 (save 40% on the bundle deal)

The Details

The Tactical Patterns Bundle Deal is a compilation of 540 tactical exercises (comprising of 22 sets and sorted by the pattern they represent).

It includes the following sets:

  • Attraction Tactics
  • Back-Rank Tactics
  • Batteries
  • Checkmate Patterns
  • Clearance Tactics
  • Discovered Attacks
  • Double Attacks / Forks
  • Draw Tactics
  • Exposed King
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics
  • Interference Tactics
  • Knight Tricks
  • Overload the Defender
  • Pawn Tricks
  • Pin Tactics
  • Promotion Tactics
  • Remove the Guard
  • 100 Study Tactics (mixed exercises)
  • Skewer Tactics
  • Trapping Pieces
  • X-Ray Tactics
  • Zwischenzug Tactics

I guarantee that you will be happy to discover how these sets will help you learn tactical patterns in a more effective and efficient manner. Instructive comments on each and every exercise will help you understand the solutions. You can spend many hours trying to find examples of various tactical ideas, or you can take advantage of this collection! This is the resource you have been missing in your tactics training!

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Get the complete Tactical Patterns collection (22 Sets). The exercises are sorted from easy to hard!