Tactical Patterns | Bundle Deal

This collection of tactical exercises is superior to computer-generated puzzles because, unlike most online databases, they are hand-selected for their educational value. Furthermore, instructive comments on each exercise will help you understand the solutions.

Image: A few examples from the one of the sets in the bundle (Interference Tactics).


  • The Complete Tactical Patterns Collection (22 Sets)
  • Instructive comments will help you understand the solutions
  • 540 Exercises in Total
  • Format: PDF Documents (works great on mobile or desktop devices)
  • Instant Download After Purchase
  • Price: $75 (save 40%)

Note: You save 40% if you buy the bundle as opposed to the individual sets! You can find the individual sets on my training materials page under the tactics section.

The Tactical Patterns Bundle Deal is a compilation of 540 tactical exercises (comprising of 22 sets and sorted by the pattern they represent). The exercises are sorted from easy to hard!

Here’s a list of the 22 sets that are included in the bundle:

I guarantee that you will be happy to discover how these sets will help you learn tactical patterns in a more effective and efficient manner. This is the resource you have been missing in your tactics training!

Working through these diagrams is an incredibly simple and effective way to learn, memorize and improve understanding of tactical ideas in chess.

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