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Vukovic Mate

The Vukovic Mate is a checkmate pattern with a rook, knight and any other supporting piece. The pattern demonstrates a powerful coordination between the rook and knight.

Vukovic Mate Example 1

Vukovic Mate Example 1

Diagram above: 1.Rf7# demonstrates the Vukovic Mate. Note particularly the role of the knight (covering the escape squares) and the white pawn on e6 (supporting the rook). The role of this pawn could also be accomplished with any other piece that would defend the rook.

Vukovic Mate Example 2

In the second example, Elijah Williams used this checkmate pattern in his game against
Howard Staunton, played in London, 1851. Williams had the black pieces.

Vukovic Mate Example 2a

Diagram above: 1… Nf3+ defends the black rook, checks the white king at the same time. White is forced to play 2.Kf1

Vukovic Mate Example 2b

Diagram above: 2… Rf2# ends the game with the Vukovic Mate. In this case the black rook is supported by his own king.

Interesting Notes on the Vukovic Mate

The Vukovic Mate is named after International Master Vladimir Vukovic who showed this checkmate pattern in his book “The Art of Attack in Chess”.

ChessCoachClark also has a collection of games (on that ended with the Vukovic Mate.