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The most important moment in your development as a chess player

Improve your chess by taking the 10-day chess challenge!
Try the 10-Day Chess Challenge!

Here’s a secret you should know if you are serious about improving your chess:

The most important moment in your development as a chess player, is the moment when you understand that the best way to improve your chess is to improve your thinking methods!

It makes sense though. After all, chess is a thinking game. Surely then the thinking methods you use will have a huge impact on the quality of your moves! And one of the best ways to improve your thinking methods, is to do the 10-Day Chess Challenge.

Why you should try the 10-Day Chess Challenge

Many of my readers who completed the 10-Day course, sent a personal message to tell me how the 10-Day challenge improved their game more than any other training method they have ever tried! Allow me to share just two of the many comments I received.

Patrick wrote:

This is the third time I am doing these exercises, and I am still learning from it!
The point is that in these 10 days there are so many valuable and essential information to become a better player that repetition is needed to automate our “chess thinking system” effectively. Thanks again dear Chess Coach.

Keith wrote:

I can not believe how much I have learned! More amazing is how it was possible in such small increments. The thinking methods are showing up in my games OFTEN, you have completely transformed the way I play.

I took private lessons for 6 months from a FM and those lesson were no where near as impact full as your 10 day challenge. I just wanted to say thank you, I took the game up as an adult and have struggled to find real improvement in my game, largely due to time constraints. My lack of progress was a bit frustrating, but my enjoyment of the game made that acceptable. Now I get to enjoy the satisfaction of getting better and enjoy the game! I have you to thank for that.

There are many more such reviews. You can read it here.

Why it’s important to improve your thinking method

If you want to make progress beyond the initial stages of learning the game, working on your thinking method becomes more important, because:

Your thinking methods determine how you apply everything you already know. You should rely on a solid thinking method, else your thoughts will pretty soon become a chaotic mess.

Once you improve your thinking method, better results will follow as you will consistently make moves that serve a useful purpose. You will also make fewer mistakes because you will know how to calculate critical variations in the position.

Now before this starts to sound “too good to be true”, let me also say that improving your thinking methods doesn’t come easy. It is hard work. In chess there are no shortcuts to long-term improvement. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work smart too!

But if it’s so important to improve your thinking method, why isn’t such advice more common? I believe the reason for this is because it is hard to explain how thinking methods work. I’ve spend many years researching how to teach effective chess thinking methods and the 10-Day chess challenge is the best way to absorb this information.

An overview of the 10-Day Chess Challenge

I created the 10-day challenge to provide you with a unique opportunity to improve your chess thinking methods and the focus of the course will be on the two most important thinking methods in chess.

They are:

  1. How to Calculate Tactics &
  2. How to Evaluate a Position

In the initial stages of the challenge, I will explain the details of each of the 2 thinking methods. Thereafter I will guide you through a number of exercises and examples that will help you master the thinking methods. And once you understand these two thinking methods, it will forever change the way you play the game – for the better!

Give it a try. You will be glad you did!