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Try The 10-Day Chess Challenge!

improve chess tactics
Improve your chess thinking method in 10 days!

Imagine how much your chess can improve if you try the 10-Day chess challenge! You will learn the two most important thinking methods in chess:

  1. How to calculate tactics and
  2. How to evaluate a position.


10-Day Challenge – here are the details:

Each day contains new ideas and will help you get a deep understanding of the 2 most important thinking methods.

I recommend you do one set per day. If your time is limited, you can take a little longer. Either way, to get the most value from this course it’s important to complete it.

Give it a try!

Why should I take the challenge?

The 10-Day Chess Challenge is a unique opportunity to make a significant and permanent improvement in your chess.

It’s not just another chess training course. It presents you a powerful training method aimed at seriously improving your game – by focusing on skills that matter most. You will improve core skills such as visualization, calculation, tactics and positional understanding in a way that no other form of chess training can offer you.

But will the challenge work for me?

The 10-Day challenge lets you focus on the skills that actually matter. Even if you’ve tried other training methods before and weren’t happy with the results, the unique 10-Day Challenge will not disappoint you.

To be clear, the 10-Day Challenge will give the most benefit to players who:

  • Are willing to train 15-30 minutes per day over the next 10 days
  • Have tried other recommended training methods but just weren’t satisfied with the results

You will improve particularly because you will discover a powerful training method to help you focus on what really matters.

How much will my rating increase?

If you are currently rated below 1400 and you commit to take the challenge seriously, I am positive that your playing strength will increase at least 50 points by taking the 10-Day Challenge.

Players rated under 1200 can expect an even larger rating gain.

You may ask how I can make such claims as “gain more than 50 rating points”?

Here’s the thing:

As a chess teacher at schools, I’ve taught the basics of the game to thousands of players. Some of them I’ve helped to compete successfully on national and also international level.

Over the years I’ve learnt what you need to focus on to get quick improvement. I take that experience and show you only what matters, so that you don’t have to waste countless hours doing training that doesn’t make a worthwhile difference. In working with junior players I also had to be creative in motivating them to continually make progress.

From these experiences I’ve learnt a lot of useful things and I’m packing all of it into the 10-Day Chess Challenge. This is why I know that in the coming year you will gain much more than 50 or 100 rating points as a result of taking this challenge seriously.

– Louis Holtzhausen, The 10-Day Chess Challenge

Keep in mind that an improvement in playing strength might not reflect in your rating right away. Depending on how often you play rated games, it takes some time for your rating to catch up to your actual playing strength.

What else will I gain by doing the challenge?

Except for the obvious fact that your chess will improve noticeably from doing this challenge, you will also get other benefits:

  • After the 10-Day challenge your game will continue to improve since you will be building on a solid foundation
  • You will discover a powerful training method that you can rely on in future
  • You will enjoy the game even more because you will be in control of your thinking process
  • Of course you will win more games and your rating will start to increase steadily

Bottom line: You will no doubt improve your game significantly and the proof will be clearly evident in your games and a subsequent increase in rating.

Disclaimer: The 10-Day Challenge will not make you an instant chessmaster. Instead, by working to improve your thinking methods, you will make consistent progress that would not be possible through other inferior methods that focus on things that aren’t as important.

The 10-Day chess challenge is free because I want to give every chess player a fair chance to experience the power of my unique training method! Give it a try and see for yourself!