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Tactical Patterns | Interference

An Interference Tactic occurs when you block the role of an enemy piece by obstructing it’s path. Here’s an example:

1.Rd4, white obstructs the role of black’s queen.

Diagram above: The primary role of the black queen on c3 is to defend against white’s checkmate threat, Qg7#. White obstructs the black queen by playing Rd4! Black is forced to give up their queen in order to prevent checkmate, I.e. 1.Rd4 Qxd4 2.Qxd4.

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A few examples…

Image: A low resolution screenshot showing a few examples from the set of Interference Tactics.

TIP: These exercises can be used like digital flashcards! (The flashcard method is an incredibly simple and effective way to learn and memorize concepts through repetition.)

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