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Lolli’s Mate

Lolli’s Mate is a common checkmate pattern performed by the cooperation between a queen and pawn, typically against a castled king. It’s named after Giambattista Lolli, an Italian chess player from the 18th century.

Lolli’s Mate Example #1

Lolli's Mate Example 1

Diagram above: White plays 1.Qg7# The pawn defends the queen. This pattern is fairly common and is known as Lolli’s Mate.

Lolli’s Mate Example #2

In many cases it becomes almost impossible to defend against the Lolli’s checkmate pattern if a similar position appears on the board, particularly if the rook is still next to the castled king. The next example will illustrate the point.

Lolli's Mate example 2

Diagram above: White plays 1.f6, threatening 2.Qxg7# The only way black can block the checkmate is to play 1… g6, but this will then allow white to execute the Lolli’s checkmate pattern.

Lolli's Mate example 2b

Diagram above: After 2.Qh6 there is nothing black can do to prevent 3.Qg7# on the next move.