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Introduction to the 5 main objectives of a chess game

The 5 Main Objectives

5 objectives of a chess game

Strong chess-players consistently make purposeful moves that are focused on achieving their objectives.

Objectives serve as pointers that will help you to:

  1. Make moves with a strong purpose and to
  2. guide your thinking-process in the right direction.

If you don’t keep your objectives in mind, you will waste a lot of time thinking aimlessly about moves that don’t serve a purpose. On the other hand, when you know what to aim for, you will have the necessary motivation to search for the best way to implement your plans.

Summary of the 5 Objectives

  1. Objective of Material: Win material when you can because the player with more material (pieces) can use the extra force to overpower their opponent.
  2. Objective of Development: Develop your pieces to their full potential because well-developed pieces have more fire-power than undeveloped pieces.
  3. Objective of Center-control: Aim to control the centre because most of the action take place in or through the centre.
  4. Objective of King-safety: Keep your king safe and try to expose your opponent’s king because an exposed king is very vulnerable.
  5. Objective of Pawn-structure: Keep your pawn-structure strong and try to weaken your opponent’s pawn-structure because the pawn-structure affects the development of the pieces and determines where the weak squares are.

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