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Anderssen’s Mate

Anderssen’s Mate is a checkmate pattern that features a rook supported by a pawn as it checkmates the opposing king along the eighth rank from the corner. The pawn is then also defended by another piece or pawn. The pattern is named after Adolf Anderssen, a German chess master from the 19th century.

Anderssen’s Mate Example 1

The original example of Anderssen’s Mate is from the game Anderssen vs Zukertort, 1869.

Andersson's Mate

Diagram above: 1.Rh8# demonstrates the Anderssen Mate. Adolf Anderssen sacrificed a lot of material to reach this checkmate pattern–which was eventually named after him.

Anderssen’s Mate Example 2

Andersson's Mate Example 2

Diagram above: White plays 1.Rh2+ and prepares to execute Anderssen’s Mate on the next move. Black is forced to play 1… Kg8.

Diagram above: 2.Rh8# White concludes the game with the Anderssen Mate. A particular feature of this position is that white’s pawn is defended by his king.