Why Visualization Is an Essential Skill in Chess

In chess, visualization is the ability to see in your mind the positions reached when certain moves are made – without making them on the board – and seeing them so clearly, you can accurately consider the implications of each new position.

Many players lack strong chess visualization skills. Their confidence, and ultimately their results, suffer because of this.

The Symptoms of Weak Visualization Skills

Here are a few typical signs that indicate you should work on your visualization skills:

  • You tend to calculate the same moves over and over in your head because you simply do not trust your own calculations.
  • You struggle to keep track of all the implications when you try to visualize more than 2 or 3 moves ahead.
  • You occasionally make silly blunders because of something that inexplicably slipped your mind in the moment.

You can overcome all these issues and become a much better chess player, simply by improving your visualization skills.

How to Develop Your Visualization Skill

Most chess players don’t have a specific tool to train visualization and they simply solve tactical puzzles–hoping to achieve the same result. Although it will help you, this method is not optimal because it does not isolate your “visualization muscles” as VISUALWIZE does:

VISUALWIZE exercises are specifically designed to train visualization. It employs a unique training method that uses arrows so that you can focus your attention where it matters–on the board. Furthermore, you can work at your own speed by moving to the next move when you feel ready to do so!

Get Visualwize Now!

Get your copy of Visualwize and start training your visualization skill! You will improve your tactics and calculation at the same time.


Note: Visualwize works on desktops, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android or any device with a PDF reader. Working through just one of these sets will significantly improve your visualization skill. But if you want to get maximum benefit from these exercises then you should take advantage of the VISUALWIZE MEGA BUNDLE DEAL.

If you are you serious about improving your chess, then don’t overlook the importance of improving your visualization skills because you visualization skill impacts other areas of your game too!

How Visualization Supports Your Thinking Process

Chess is a thinking game and visualization is central to the whole thinking process!

At every step in your thinking process, you will rely on your ability to “see” clearly in your mind your possible moves and their implications, before you actually make the moves.

When you become very good at visualization, everything becomes clearer. This is why you will also experience your proficiency in other areas naturally following after developing strong visualization skills.

As you can now see (pun intended), visualization is “the skill” that will take your game to new heights! It will bring you real positive results in a short time-frame, helping you to succeed in chess!