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Sometimes you get lucky (blitz tactic)

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In a recent blitz game, 3+2 sec time control, we reached the position below. If this game was played at a slow time control I probably would have resigned by now, but blitz often results in unexpected opportunities, so I played on.

lucky tactics
I just blocked white’s check by playing c6. White is easily winning here, but he played Qe2? – a blunder that gave me a nice tactical opportunity. Can you find it?

Scroll down for the solution.

The Solution

lucky tactics 2
1… Rd1+ The point is 2. Kh2 Rd2! 3. Qxd2 Nf1+ will fork the king and queen.

Training tactics is one thing but the opportunity to play a nice tactic in your own game is one of the reasons we play chess!