How to improve your “chess working memory”

Improving your chess working memory is a very important aspect of your mental development. To help you improve this skill, I created a set of specific exercises to train this skill.

Below are 2 examples, you can try them now!

Warning: If you have never tried similar exercises, you may find these exercises tough. But it is a great “mental workout”.

Chess Working Memory | Exercise 1


Chess Working Memory| Exercise 2


Your working memory refers to the part of your brain that currently works with certain “chunks” of information. A person with a well-developed working memory can naturally deal with more chunks of information simultaneously than a person with a underdeveloped working memory can

Training this skill will not only improve your chess, but you will also benefit other areas in your life that require the mental ability to consider multiple inputs at the same time.

If you want more of these exercises, you can get them here: Memory Chess | 40 Exercises to improve your chess working memory