2 Easy Chess Tactics That Will Be Hard to Solve If You Don’t Know the Motif

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The two chess puzzles below are quite simple–but they can be surprisingly hard to solve if you are not familiar with the underlying motifs. Give it a try!

Easy Puzzle #1

easy chess tactics puzzle

Diagram above: Black to move. What would you do? Keep in mind that white’s bishop on c3 is threatening to capture your queen!

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The Solution

easy chess tactics puzzle 1 solution
1… Qb2+ 2.Bxb2 Bxb2#

Black uses a tactical motif (known as X-Ray) to force checkmate in 2 moves. The point is that black’s bishop on g7 indirectly supports the b2-square through X-Ray.

The X-Ray tactic can surprise your opponent because it’s easily overlooked that your pieces can defend one another even though an enemy piece obstructs their line-of-sight.

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Easy Puzzle #2

easy chess tactics puzzle 2
White to move. You could play 1.Nxd6, but there is something much better. Can you find it?

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The Solution

1.Rxb5 wins the bishop because the queen on e8 is overloaded.

The point here is that if black’s queen takes your rook, then white can play Qa8+, followed by Qxb7, and capture the undefended rook on b7. This tactical idea is known as overloading a defender. (Black’s queen becomes overloaded–she can’t defend the bishop on b5 and the a8-square at the same time.)

Overloading a defender is also referred to as deflection, since you deflect the defending piece away from the task it was supposed to perform.

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