Blunder Alert! How To Avoid Mistakes

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Blunder Alert! A video-series on 100 mistakes you can learn from. Avoid making these mistakes in your own games! How good are you at avoiding mistakes?

Blunder Alert is a selection of exercises that will help you make fewer mistakes in your games.

By observing and learning from the mistakes made by other chess players, you will improve critical aspects of your thinking process.

I’ve spent many hours to find and comment on the best examples of typical mistakes I could find. All the groundwork has been done.

Blunder Alert – Get it here!

  • Total play-time: 55 minutes of other peoples mistakes
  • Recommended rating range: 900-1500
  • Price: $10

In the Blunder Alert videos I do not only point out the mistakes, I also comment on why I believe the player made this particular mistake and how you can improve your thinking process to avoid making the same mistake.

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