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  1. Visualwize is a great methods for those who want to reach their full potential in chess.Making use of this tools make great improvement in playing chess.It a secret weapon in a training season of a chess players.Thanks for chessfox, you are the one who introduced this tool for us.

  2. amazing the Visualwize is great tools for those aspiring to get better more in their chess.I think great master like morphy,stenitz etc are using this method before,that make them 2 steps ahead of their opponent .

  3. I have had a problem with blunders most of which I immediately understand when my opponent makes his move. I believe the Visualize exercises are helping me to see my opponents plans more clearly before I blunder. Visualize gives practice visualizing a future position and determining a future move, but the discipline can help visualize possible responses to a move before you make it.
    Thanks, Louis, for some very helpful tools.

  4. Visualwise is an essential tool for those who seriously want to progress in their pursuit of chess mastery. My chess visualizations became much clearer and sharper and this made calculation of deeper lines effortless. Expect to gain a few hundred ELO points improvements in a short duration after re-tuning your chess visions. Great Tool. Highly recommended.

  5. This product will certainly improve your chess visualization skills, but it’s also important to note that these exercises are fun to do! They challenge you and force you to calculate and visualize beyond your comfort level. And this is the only way to improve. Any club player will see some improvement after going through these exercises, and he’ll have fun doing them

  6. If you’re thinking about buying Visualwize, DO IT! This program will definitely help your chess game improve. I find myself thinking deeper in games because of this training. You’re able to plan moves that your opponent just don’t see, and they seem to walk right into traps you set… LOL…!!! About 10 years ago I first bought Visualwize on my old PC and fell in love with the program. After that PC got all bogged down with spyware, malware, viruses and anything else that’ll slow your PC to a grinding halt, I went over to Mac’s. Visualwize isn’t able to run on Mac’s so for years I just did without the program. One day through Visualwize’s advertising I saw the program and wanted it again…!!! Long story short, I purchased a $150.00 PC just to use Visualwize and I purchased Visualwize a second time…!!! The program is that good.

  7. Want to improve at chess? The single best way is tactics and board vision. VisualWize develops both. I gained 400 points in USCF rating using nothing but this tool! Probably the best thing about VW is the mobile support drop VW in Dropbox and it instantly runs on all devices and PCs.

    Lastly chessfox offers this positional tactics trainer. Want some good advice? Spend your money NOW and buys that. Don’t think about it just do it.

  8. I think this is a great tool to practice tactics, strategy, and calculations. Being able to see the moves and then come up with the best response a few moves down the line is very useful for visualization and long-term calculation practice. The only thing I would say is that I wish they included a way to mark which exercises have been completed and which haven’t. It would be easier to keep track of that way. But great system overall. Thanks!

  9. As an adult who struggles to find time to play chess, many times I find myself playing and calculating lines over and over in my head because I simply do not trust my own calculations. Add a couple of other candidate moves into the equation, and I would find myself struggling to keep all of the lines somewhat clear and to keep them separated. As a result, my time management suffered. Training with Visualwize has enabled me to start to “clear the fog” so that I am more confident and I am playing faster. This is what I had been missing in my training, and it has made a world of difference to me. Thank you Louis for developing this innovative training.

  10. Louis, what a great way to learn to visualize, warm up before competition, or just have fun ! Visualization, if trained, gets better. Your exercises prove it. Thanks so much for providing this tool ! Hope you produce many more!
    To finish, let me say that the graphic design of the boards provides great contrast ; ones focus remains on the tactic and is very clear no matter the number of moves. Instructions are clear and concise as learning the process of visualization can be tedious at best………but not in this case!!!! I do think you have captured the essence of chess in an exercise format…congrats!

  11. Visualwize is one of the best tools for learning. Its graphics and examples are amazing.

    you are doing wonderful job sir, really wonderful.

  12. As someone who came to chess later in life, these exercises have been instrumental in getting me past the awkward beginner phase. Just as artists have to learn to ‘see’ their subjects objectively, chess players must learn to ‘see’ the board and then visualize different possibilities and outcomes. Working with just a couple of these exercises a day has really improved my ability to more accurately move the pieces around in my head and calculate the best move. Thanks, Louis, for such an ingenious and fun way to learn!

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