Visualization Skill Test #1

Let’s put your visualization skill to the test. How many moves can you see ahead?


Compare your findings to the solutions given below.

Visualization Skill Test #1 Solutions

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How well did you do?

chess visualization test scale

  • Beginners will usually have a hard time keeping track of all the consequences beyond 3-4 ply (Rating below 1200)
  • Advanced beginners will be able to keep track of the position up to 4-5 ply but will have difficulty in answering the questions (Est. rating range: 1200-1400)
  • Intermediate players should be able to visualize and solve all the questions comfortably up to 4-5 ply (Est. rating range: 1400-1600)
  • Experienced club players should be able to visualize all the moves but have difficulty to answer all the questions (Est. rating range: 1600-1900)
  • Advanced players and masters will be able to visualize 8-ply in this position AND solve all the tactics along the way (Est. rating range: 1900+)

Note: The above comments are subjective and there will be plenty of exceptions. In some cases low-rated players are able to visualize deeper than their rating suggests. Similarly, experienced players may have difficulty visualizing deep variations and they mostly depend on their positional understanding.


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