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Chessmood 20% Discount Code (And Review)

ChessMood Discount: If you sign up through this link you will get a 20% discount on Chessmood Membership

Review Summary: ChessMood can be a one-stop solution for people who are serious about improving their chess. The membership plans that ChessMood offer aren’t cheap but you will be hard-pressed to find a better chess improvement platform.

ChessMood Review. The ChessMood Story.

Other than the training materials on, ChessMood is the only other chess training resource portal that I endorse.

In this review you will see why I believe ChessMood deserves your attention.


What is Chessmood?

What is ChessMood and what makes them unique?

It is best summarized in GM Avetik’s own words:

5 years ago, I woke up with a burning desire to create a dream chess educational platform for chess lovers.

For all levels, from beginner to expert.
Where everything will be taught by chess Grandmasters!

And our success metric will not be sales and revenues but the growth of our students. I was dreaming to create
a very unique company, that will grow but stay true to its mission and values. Where we’ll have fun on our journey
and provide fun to our students.

Where we’ll not have employees. But we’ll have teammates.
Where we’ll not have investors. But we’ll have friends.
Where we’ll not hire randomly. But we’ll look for teammates among our students.

It’s unbelievable how it all came true, and the dream we’re living in.

GM Avetik Grigoryan

ChessMood is an online chess training platform that features video courses, study plans and interactive exercises, everything taught by grandmasters. They also have a community forum where you can interact with other members and directly with grandmasters.

The founder and CEO of ChessMood, GM Avetik Grigoryan (user avetik_chessmood on coined the phrase “Right Mood Right Move, implying that the right mood generates right moves and right results.

In 2022, Chessbase also posted an article where they reviewed chess educational platform created by GM Avetik Grigoryan.

Is ChessMood Any Good?

ChessMood is great! In fact, it is the only online chess platform that I am affiliated to. I do this because I appreciate the quality of their training materials and the user-friendly manner in which they present it.

Of course, at the end of the day the most important thing is the results they deliver for their students.

ChessMood Success Stories

You can read about the success stories from their clients on the ChessMood Website.

You can get inspiration by seeing how people just like you have raised their rating and reached their chess goals using ChessMood.

Is ChessMood Free?

For the most part, ChessMood is not free. However with a free account you do get some access (though very limited) to what they offer.

Fortunately, at the time of writing this, ChessMood makes the first few videos of all their video courses free. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the quality of their courses before you sign up to get full access.

What is Free on ChessMood?

As a free subscriber to ChessMood you get access to:

  • The ChessMood Community Forum
  • All articles on the ChessMood Blog
  • The first few videos of all the courses
  • The Opening Principles course
  • The ChessMood Daily Puzzle

Chessmood Daily Puzzle

The ChessMood Daily Puzzle is rather unique in that their grandmaster coaches update the puzzles daily. These puzzles are never easy! Solving them will not only help you to improve your chess tactics but will also help you to keep your mind fresh.

They also have a ChessMood Youtube Channel where they post good quality videos, obviously free.

ChessMood Pro Membership

In order to access the ChessMood courses and more features, you must become a paid member.

ChessMood offers 2 paid plans:

  1. Chessmood Essential (monthly or yearly payment)
  2. ChessMood Pro (monthly or yearly payment)

To remove all the risks on your side, ChessMood offers a 30-day NO-QUESTIONS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

ChessMood Essential Plan

The Essential Plan will give you access to all the ChessMood courses, quizzes, downloadable pgns and homework. You will still have the option to upgrade to the Pro Plan at any time.

ChessMood Pro Plan

The Pro Membership Plan will give you everything in the Essential Plan but additionally you get:

  • Access to all streams
  • Access to all webinars
  • Ask us anything! Pro member channel in the forum
  • Bonus events such as simultaneous games and 1-1 interaction (when possible)
  • 1-1 bonus call with a Grandmaster
  • A personalized study plan!

Review of the Courses That ChessMood Offer

At the time of writing this review, ChessMood already had 400+ hours of video in their courses and they are continually adding new content.

Here’s just a few of the popular Grandmaster Chess Courses that ChessMood offer:

Check out all their courses on their website.

ChessMood Openings

They also have a complete section on chess openings that they’ve named “ChessMood Openings”. They provide a complete, step-by-step, opening repertoire for both white and black.

Pros and Cons of ChessMood Membership

The ChessMood platform can be a one-stop solution for you. If ChessMood becomes your preferred platform then you can actually save you a lot of money because everything you need will be right there.

The Pros of ChessMood Membership

  • They provide study plans that can help you choose a path that works for you
  • All their courses are created by grandmasters
  • Interactive exercises accompany the video courses

In a nutshell, their content is very helpful. They let you focus on the things that help you improve and their courses are not loaded with fluff or fancy things that won’t help you become a better chess player.

The Cons of ChessMood Membership

  • Monthly membership fees. No-one likes monthly fees. However, if you make full use of your membership, their fees compared favorably to other paid solutions.

ChessMood vs Chessable

Before I comment on this debate I should first say that I own a number of Chessable courses and I’m a Pro member on their site. I enjoy having both but, If I could choose only one, I’ll definitely take ChessMood–mainly because their content is so logical and geared towards helping you make progress. I also find ChessMood to be a far more user-friendly platform but that is just my opinion. Although it looks very fancy, I honestly don’t enjoy the Chessable interface all that much. It feels clunky to me and somehow I’m not convinced the spaced-repetition concept is all that useful to me personally. I’ve had structured, price; find partners in the forums; supplement with courses on chessable (use both).

A major benefit of ChessMood is that Members get access to ALL the courses. On Chessable you must pay for every single course you want to access. To be fair, it is a once-off payment.

Discount Code for Chessmood (get 20% off)

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