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Day 4

Methodical thinking is of more use in chess than inspiration.  –  Cecil Purdy

Calculation Exercises: Day 4

VISUALWIZE – Train your brain to see 8 moves ahead!

Visualization is the most important skill in chess! VISUALWIZE is a revolutionary exercise that is specifically designed to improve your chess vision (visualization).

Each set of Visualwize lets you:

  • Visualize more than 800 moves in 160 chess positions
  • Train your brain to visualize up to 8 moves ahead
  • See moves in your mind before making them on the board
  • Improve step-by-step through 4 levels of difficulty
  • Avoid making blunders which makes you lose the game instantly

Evaluation Exercises: Day 4

Interesting point to note: In a real game you need not follow these steps all the time. Instead, you should mostly focus on the consequence of the last move. The last move gives you information about everything that changed in the position and you should think about that most of all. However, while training your thinking skill (as is the case during the 10-Day challenge) I recommend you view the exercises as a “brain-muscle workout” and follow the method step-by-step.

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